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Ricoh GR - Firmware hacking

Postby jokob » Wed Oct 25, 2017 3:09 am

Hi Guys,

I think that this camera is amazing, but I'd welcome some more customisation options.

    custom mapping of all buttons.
    customised folder or naming
    other tweaks which could be done via software update (list yours?)

So, I'm exploring options on altering the firmware and found some resources: ... -analysis/

Long story short: I am not sure if Ricoh is going to update this camera range or release any great firmware updates. It's a great camera which could be amazing with some little tweaks. Some of the wishlist items could be theoretically achieved by some tweaking of the software. To do that:

We need to be able to decompile correctly the available firmware
be able to alter it and connect what changes affect which functionality
be able to compile our own version[/list]

The code I referenced on top is not 100% working (some code is readable, some is still obfuscated, so additional work will be needed). I am regrettably not a crypto analytic, but I can code, so once the above 3 points are sorted modification of the code should be quite straightforward.

I am posting here to see if there is support for such an idea and endeavour.

If yes, and if there is someone with such skill set available in this sub willing to work on this, then great. Otherwise we could post a bounty / ask on other subs or websites for help.

So, let me know guys what you think!

Cheers, Jokob
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Re: Ricoh GR - Firmware hacking

Postby thelps » Thu Oct 26, 2017 11:13 pm

I think there are copyright and legal ramifications with this.
Ricoh own the code compiled or not and modifying it may get you into deep legal water.
IMO its not worth the possible trouble unless you have their blessing.

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