Lightroom CC Ricoh GR II camera profiles?

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Lightroom CC Ricoh GR II camera profiles?

Postby pixelmark » Thu Feb 23, 2017 8:34 pm

Hello everyone. I'm a new GR II user, coming from only having used an RX100m4 before. Happy to be here and excited to learn more about my GR II.

I have a question. With my RX100 RAW images in Lightroom CC, in Develop mode, I am able to go down to Camera Calibration > Profile and then can change my profile from Adobe Standard to all the various shooting profiles found in my camera, like Landscape, Vivid, B&W, etc. But with the GR II RAW images, I only have a choice Adobe Standard or Embedded.

Am I missing something?

Note: I do have a Lens Correction Profile
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