Ricoh GR II V3 Firmware - 14/7/2016

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Ricoh GR II V3 Firmware - 14/7/2016

Postby thelps » Wed Jul 20, 2016 6:42 am

Can be found here -

Add the following enhanced features (V3.00)

Manual focus can be done by using the +/- button as well as the up-down dial.
[Flash Button Setting] is added. [Flash] or any one of functions which can be registered to the Fn1, Fn2, and effect buttons can also be assigned to the flash button.
[MF Assist Display] is added. There are two options:[On] or [Off].
[Level Display] is added. The design of the level indicator can be changed.
[Exposure Information Display]] is added. There are two options: [Always] or [Half Press].

Changes to V3.00

Improved stability for general performance.

Scroll down to download the zip file.
Also get the PDF of changes -

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