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Postby Blow-in » Sat Sep 16, 2017 9:49 am

quester wrote:I forgot to mention "affordable". I noticed the Leica when it came out - it's a beauty, but for 3000 dollars I'd prefer to take my wife abroad for two weeks and take photographs with her cellphone.... ;)

I like your attitude! My 'best' GXR back has started to play up - when you depress the shutter button there is a momentary power loss so it reverts to start-up settings. Most obvious with the A16 zoomed-out as it reverts to wide angle. So I'm using my 'second best' back which works fine but has the early GXR issue of a delaminating layer on the LCD - however, this doesn't affect how it works. Anyway, rather than spend £thousands on new kit, I have a near mint GXR back in-bound from Japan.

I may try to get the 'best' back repaired.

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