Fight! GXR A12 28/2.5 vs. GF2 14/2.5 vs. DP1x 28/4

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Re: Fight! GXR A12 28/2.5 vs. GF2 14/2.5 vs. DP1x 28/4

Postby streetshooter » Fri Mar 23, 2012 7:27 pm

I have heard from a trusted source that the Merrill version is more fine tuned. So hopefully this will lead to improved performance. I learned to be very patient with the DP cameras. On the 1 I used the focus wheel more then the screen.
The fact that the camera is not the fastest AF around didn't bother that much because I really took my time with it. They advertise that method of working with the camera.
Then there's my favorite thing on the DPs that no other camera has....
The sounds it makes are totally awesome.
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Re: Fight! GXR A12 28/2.5 vs. GF2 14/2.5 vs. DP1x 28/4

Postby madmaxmedia » Sat Mar 24, 2012 12:41 am

I agree with you 100% Shooter on Ricoh. It just makes it even more unfair in a comparison when the other 2 cameras seem to get poor post-processing that gives then inferior IQ as well! 8-)

streetshooter wrote:Well, there's so much more involved then just simple Image comparisons. When I was the Admin at M-43 I had a few cameras but more importantly, I had access to everything in the M43 realm. The technology development is unmatched by any other format so far. That being said, it doesn't amount to a hill of beans. The DP series and any and all M43 cameras don't hold a candle to the GXR.
The GXR is a camera for shooters. Maybe when one gets a GXR they aren't that serious about what's going on but they eventually fall into the discovery of images.
The M43 cameras and unfortunately the DP's from Sigma don't have the same energy. The are great cameras for the enthusiast. That's great but for the real shooters, they need a camera with a very intelligent interface and most importantly, a camera that doesn't interfere with the shooters process. The GXR does that. Once set up, it gets out of the way and if you get stuck on a setting etc, it's just a button push to get back in the groove.

So, let them all compare IQ, ISO all the good stuff. Let them talk about the speed and accuracy of their AF system. Let them all talk about how great their new lens is....
The GXR shooters don't have time to talk about that stuff because they are too busy making images.

I'm not a fanboy for Ricoh. I'm a dead serious shooter that makes images because it's my life's work. I could use any camera I want but I use the GXR because it works....bunk to anything else....
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Re: Fight! GXR A12 28/2.5 vs. GF2 14/2.5 vs. DP1x 28/4

Postby madmaxmedia » Sat Mar 24, 2012 12:54 am

Interestingly TMP, I just bought a GXR w/ A12 28mm (haven't received it yet), and own a Ricoh GV-1 viewfinder (the fat one with 21 and 28mm lines). I'm planning on selling the GV-1 since I don't use it much (the LCD is fine and with 28mm view I often just shoot blind anyway), but can do some quick informal testing if you'd like. Ricoh advertises the GV-1 for both GR Digital and GXR I assume it should work reasonably well.

The choice between Sigma and Ricoh is pretty simple to me, they are so completely different cameras for different types of shooters. I love Foveon output but the DP bodies are not for me.

TMP wrote:Well...

Some of you know that I sold my Ricoh GR D III for a GF1 with its 40mm f1.7 lens (in 35mm format).

I am now seriously considering going back to Ricoh and go for a GXR with the A12 28mm f2.5 module. However, I have to look deeper into the compatibility of optical view finders with the GXR (see here: viewtopic.php?f=60&t=6175).

That being said, given the sensor size of the Panasonic GFx series, it is noisier -- both in terms of image quality AND sound (a big issue for street photography). More importantly, there is no decent manual focus capabilities when working with an optical view finder on the GFx series (another big issue for street photography). As for the Sigma, its sensor is bigger but suffice to say that the lens starts at f4 and that you either love or hate the Foveon output.

So, Ricoh it is, once more.
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Re: Fight! GXR A12 28/2.5 vs. GF2 14/2.5 vs. DP1x 28/4

Postby luke76 » Mon Feb 17, 2014 10:11 am

How about additional function button option to enable/disable focus assist light and button option to toggle the addition of +1EV over the current setting (eg if currently 0EV, will toggle 0EV/+1EV; if currently -1/3EV, will toggle +2/3EV/-1/3EV), ie a quick "backlit scene" button, just as many compact film cameras had.
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