Unmatched File?

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Unmatched File?

Postby sprocketdog23 » Sun Aug 31, 2014 10:53 pm

I am seeing the words 'unmatched file' when viewing images on my GXR LCD under certain circumstances. This only occurs on viewing RAW images that I shot with the M mount attached, but I only see this message when I have the S10, P10 or A12-28 lens modules attached. The images display very poorly (pixelated and blurry) with the message top of the LCD. If I put the M mount back on, then it displays files from any of the lens modules, including its own without problems. The image files transfer to my mac fine, and are not corrupted by changing modules. Is this normal? :?:
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Re: Unmatched File?

Postby AlbertTRAL » Tue Sep 02, 2014 2:28 pm

I have not tested this situation but it seems that you are saving raw without saving the jpeg.

Then, the unit can only use the low resolution embedded jpeg inside the raw file (all raw files have one) in order to display the image because it does not find the matching hi-res external jpeg (this is why you see it pixelated and blurry, and much more if you zoom in). Due to the fact it does not find the external associated jpeg, it displays the message because there is no matching jpeg. As I say, only supposition, I have not really checked this because I always shoot raw+jpeg.

The option of not saving jpeg and only the raw file, if I do not remember wrong, appeared with the M module or in a later firmware review, this is maybe why the M module does not display the message.
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Re: Unmatched File?

Postby Pinguer » Thu Jun 04, 2015 5:15 am

I have this problem I would ask for further study.
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