Hello from Oxford

Tell us something about you, your photography style and reasons why you chose Ricoh.

Hello from Oxford

Postby ronniemac » Sat Jan 06, 2018 2:10 am

Hi to anybody here. I'm in Oxford, an architect and lecturer mainly interested in photographing the environment - landscape and architecture, but want to expand this to include people in these contexts and in a less formal manner than how I have previously viewed the environment.

Today I took delivery of my second digital Ricoh camera; a pre-owned GX200, nice little pocket camera, and much smaller than my Ricohmatic 225. (My first digital Ricoh is the Theta S, but I come from a Ricoh acquisition - Pentaxland.)

Looking to have some fun with the discrete GX200, it is so much smaller than I expected. Although I do like the zoom going down to 24mm, I am hoping to soon have a 16MP GR or GRii, but until then I will make the most of the GX.

Being new to the Ricoh way of thinking, it may take me some time to acclimatise to how the camera is best operated - not least because it came without a manual - so I may well be posting elementary questions in the hope of some help.

Just one question before posting anything else: are there many other active users on this forum?

Happy new year, Ronnie.
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Re: Hello from Oxford

Postby riccadonna » Sat Jan 06, 2018 10:49 am

Hello Ronnie and welcome from one of active users. We used to be many, right now down to few but I do hope we shall survive. One of the reasons is Ricoh`s fault dropping the GXR line which was a very unique concept. Still a camera a is a camera and you can take good photos with not necessary the latest and the best. I personally use GR on daily basis and my old GXR with m-unit which allows me to use my old collection of m-mount and ltm-mount lenses, be it german, russian and japanese. I used to work as an architect. Now I`m retired but still deep into photography. Cheers Stanislaw
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Re: Hello from Oxford

Postby ronniemac » Sat Jan 13, 2018 5:35 pm

Hi Stanislaw

Thanks for the message, it's good to hear from someone here - sure is a lonely place.

Pity hildac07 has hacked into it. Looks like it is not being moderated or administered.

Enjoying the GX200 (although it does have focus issues wide open).

Do you shoot raw and convert to B&W jpeg or just shoot direct jpeg. The out of camera B&W jpegs look good.

I see you use the GR - presumably the 16mp version. I do like the idea of a fixed 28mm lens and aps-c sensor. Maybe one day...

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Re: Hello from Oxford

Postby nebus » Sat Jan 13, 2018 5:51 pm

Hi Ronnie,

I still check in to look once or twice a week here. It's quieter as there hasn't been an update form Ricoh for some time.
Still using my GR II when not working (D800/810 and Contax 645 when working) and still loving it. Recommend the 21mm adapter if and when you get one - ideal for interiors and arch work.
Any questions don't hesitate to post. Some of us are still around and happy to help.

I always shoot Raw + but you're right ... the B&W straight out of camera are usually great. I have presets I've made for replicating the B&W and Colour Positive filters with my own tweak on them also.
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Re: Hello from Oxford

Postby ronniemac » Tue Jan 16, 2018 2:01 pm

Hi Nebus

Good to know that you're looking at this forum weekly. I know what you mean about Ricoh not releasing much in way of new or updated equipment - apart from the Theta. I come from Pentax ( have K-1, K-3ii, etc), now owned and being developed by Ricoh and they have been rather slow to update in that area too. I guess things are difficult for camera and copier companies with so much changing in how we take and view images. Conventional cameras have lost their mass market to phone cameras, images are more often viewed on digital devices rather than on paper. Looking at things more positively, Ricoh are doing well with the Theta and now enabling developers to create plug-ins for that camera - I have the Theta S and do see great potential for this type of device in the future.

Anyway - maybe I'm old fashioned, so in pursuit something to compliment the Pentax K-1 and K-3ii I have just bought a pre-owned Ricoh GR, and am really looking forward to working (playing) with it. Earlier this month I bought the GX200 and like the form and simplicity very much, but was keen to have something that would produce a better quality of image in less than bright conditions. The GR sounds like a real alternative to always trying to use a FF camera with it's large lenses, (Indeed I traded in my Pentax 645N kit for the K-1).

It's good to hear that there is a 21mm lens adapter out there, maybe in time this will be of interest!
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