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New GRD User

Postby Erniethemilk » Sun Dec 03, 2017 4:31 pm

Hey guys, just thought I'd introduce myself. Recently picked up an old original GRD for a great price as an everyday driver, as humping my Nikon kit around isn't always something I want to do.

Love at first use, I have to say... really love the form factor, it's great to slip in a pocket and be out and about with it. I think I will for sure look for a later GR2 as I think 10MP is a little limiting, and I'd really like the wifi option... but for the time being it's great! Having previously shot with all sorts of Fuji models, I think the Ricoh files are much nicer for processing... just not sure about the WB which seems a little off with mine.

Anyway, great forum here - looks a great resource for info and sharing. 8-)
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