I am in Tokyo

Tell us something about you, your photography style and reasons why you chose Ricoh.

I am in Tokyo

Postby InTokyo » Sat Mar 31, 2018 4:04 am

Lucky me. I suppose.

I am an English man married to a nice Japanese lady, living here for the last 12 years. My reason for the GR is that I want to take up Kite Aerial Photography, and this camera was suggested as it has a builtin interval timer. I was aware of the series before but had studiously ignored it in favour of various fullframe Nikons.....which definitely cant fly! But now I have a GR Digi III, picked up in a Tokyo used camera store for remarkably little money.

I love the size and seemingly decent build quality. Also like the unlimited flash sync; Nikon can do that but only with extra bits.

I would like to acquire the GH-2 and tele converter, really just for the KAP to get a tighter shot. Perhaps also the GL1 cap, if anyone has input on that? I did get a GV-2 finder for nearly the same price as the camera, but after shooting for just a couple of weeks find that I am not likely to get a lot of use out of it.

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