Hi all from Spain

Tell us something about you, your photography style and reasons why you chose Ricoh.

Hi all from Spain

Postby aremesal » Mon Sep 05, 2016 12:39 pm

Hi all!

I'm Álvaro, aka aremesal, and am from Northwest of Spain. I'm in my late 30's, and have been photographing for about 6 years. I like and practice travel and urban photography mostly.

After some bridges and an entry level reflex, I switched to micro4/3 mirrorless format and become a believer of the mirrorless and compact form factor. After a while with some E-PL's and OM-D's I changed all my ILC gear for a Fuji X100S, and began to enjoy light travelling :)

And nowadays, I'm looking for a Ricoh GR, because I've realized that that camera absolutely fits my style of photography, even more than the X100. I'm a little afraid about the lack of a viewfinder, but a few weeks ago I bought an old original GRD I (the one from 2006) just to try the Ricoh mod and layout and... I felt in love with it, and that's the reason for I'm now going to buy an APS-C GR ;)

So, I'm not a Ricoh user... yet, but I hope will become a ricoher soon, so I'm compulsively reading the forum to learn about my new camera!

I addition to my digital work, I'm learning analog processes, and enjoy using some analog cameras, and developing and enlarging in my bathroom-lab 8-)

I apologize for my poor english, it's not my mother language so please excuse me ifwhen I make some grammatical or orthographic error :?

Best regards from Spain!
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Re: Hi all from Spain

Postby Spode » Mon Sep 05, 2016 4:25 pm

Welcome Alvaro. It's always good to meet new people who are interested in the GR. This is a very friendly forum and there are many Ricoh aficionados here who will be willing to answer any questions you may have. I hope you can invest in a GR/ GRII soon so that we can see some images.
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Re: Hi all from Spain

Postby AlbertTRAL » Tue Sep 06, 2016 8:37 am

Bienvenido, welcome Álvaro. What a surprise and pleasure to see you here! I am still basing my digital photos in my beloved GXR's... Welcome aboard!
Take care, AlbertTRAL
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