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Postby aureliaaurita » Tue Oct 29, 2013 12:13 pm

I've posted over on the rangefinder forum but felt this specialist area is probably a better bet.

I have recently sold my olympus pen, it's a nice camera but much too big for me to carry around. Before that I owned a GRD that died after I clogged it with sand, it did struggle on for some months with a 'grinding' lens :roll: however, I loved that camera. It was amazing. I actually owned the GX200 once. I didn't get on with it but now...I think I was being hasty. I sold it to a guy in Elephant and Castle shopping centre within a few weeks and I cannot remember why :oops:

Anyway, I've looked at the new GR. It's too expensive for now, a lot of money and being the sort of person that gets sand in their lens, probably not a good idea.

There's a second hand GX200 for sale near me - very affordable but my concern is it's an old camera now and of course I'm worried about the low light issues. I guess a lot of what I often want to photograph is low light, and by that I don't mean nice, still, city scapes.

I've been looking over at wouters blog a lot ;) and at his earlier and later impressions and I've noticed his name pop up on here. His are however the only examples I can find of decent night time pictures using the GX200.

I've used flickr to browse other people's efforts and of course they're not filtered so it's probably an unfair example.

I guess I'm just nervous and it'd be good to see how other people manage with the GX200 in low light - sort of an 'well if they can do it' I've no excuse.

(I am currently entirely camera-less)

Are there other blogs I can look at or indeed photographers on here that use the GX200 in such conditions?
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Re: GX200 Owners

Postby Wiener » Tue Oct 29, 2013 3:29 pm

Hi and welcome here aureliaaurita,
I am sure there must be loads of low light pics on here from the GX200, though having never owned on myself, none of them will be mine!
I still have a GX100 which is certainly NOT to be recommended for its high-iso performance...it was always one of its biggest failings... :(
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