DLSR vs GRD2 - for those looking for a DSLR backup camera

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Re: DLSR vs GRD2 - for those looking for a DSLR backup camera

Postby odklizec » Thu Dec 06, 2007 12:22 pm

No, sorry. You did not get the point of this comparison. Everyone here (including me) is aware that the DSLR performance is much better. Small sensor camera cannot beat the DSLR. The meaning of this comparison is to show the people who looking for a reasonable backup/pocketable camera, that they can get good results with small sensor RAW files. Postprocessing an already (and heavily) processed JPEG from small sensor camera will not return the highlights or tiny details, which are lost during the in-camera JPEG processing (which must be quick and therefore not as perfect). But you can get some of the lost information back, processing the RAW files.

There is a large group of DSLR people, who does not use DSLR RAW just because the DSLR JPEG is good enough for them. But if they want to achieve similar good results from their (backup) small sensor camera, they have to use RAW. And this is what is this comparison good for. Only to show these people they CAN get very good results from small sensor RAW. That's all.
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Re: DLSR vs GRD2 - for those looking for a DSLR backup camera

Postby jorgeAD » Thu Dec 06, 2007 6:47 pm

Indeed the GRDs (I or II) can take photos myfull frame 13 MP 5D will not, simply because it will go places the Canon wont.

Picking the right tool for the job is a trait of professionalism. In the right hands and with the right technique the GRDs can be pro cameras despite not having the resolution of full frame digital or the build quality of a leica M...

Don be ludicrous,... this is not a point-and-shoot !

To those unwilling to improve their photo skills in order to extract all the quality the GRD's great lens and funtionality can produce ( yes that includes shooting RAW and posprocessing) I'd remind them the single most important reason to get a GRD is the way it seems to inspire its owners to become photographic auteurs (check flickr!!), not just shoppers or technicians...

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Re: DLSR vs GRD2 - for those looking for a DSLR backup camera

Postby lucridders » Fri Dec 07, 2007 6:12 pm

Yes, I agree compleely that in some situations a GRD will be better than any DSLR. By the way, in the DSLR niche they also do not make big improvements when I see it the last couple of years.
This is also the reason I was buying again a GX100 as it was filling a certain gap in photography. I hope, with the new one, I will be more lucky. If not I guarantee you that Ricoh did not saw yet the end of the story than.
Take only the size of their cams, is perfect.
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Re: DLSR vs GRD2 - for those looking for a DSLR backup camera

Postby rashomon » Sun Jan 06, 2008 5:06 am

For me, the IQ differences between these two cameras are too small to be meaningful for everyday use. I downloaded both files and sharpened them. I was equally impressed with the result from both cameras. FWIW, the GRDII is also half a stop over-exposed compared to the DSLR file. Thanks again to Pavel for this test. I'm really glad there's a camera this small and this good!
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Re: DLSR vs GRD2 - for those looking for a DSLR backup camera

Postby rurouni » Thu May 01, 2008 9:05 am

I actually used the GRD2 for an interior design shoot recently and was very impressed with the results. The IQ of the camera is really amazing and you can sense that the designers really put a lot of effort in giving the images it produces a lot of nuance, especially in color rendition.
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Re: DLSR vs GRD2 - for those looking for a DSLR backup camera

Postby sessyargc » Sun Jun 08, 2008 7:50 pm

Old thread but I want to put in my 0.02 cents worth. The Ricoh is currently my 2nd camera. I'd like to say backup but not yet...

I plan to use it when I'm tired of (or don't like) carrying the 1-D(inosaur) all day. I have the MKI version so the pixel count of the Ricoh is approximately 2x that of my DSLR which would be good if I do crops. Also having the GRDII makes me leave the wide angle or wide angle zoom lens at home, thus one less burden.

IMHO in the short time that I've owned the GRDII, I'm quite impressed. If your one of those types who grew up with and like single focal length cameras as the norm will definitely love the GRDII. The lens is a little bit wide but one can always get the 40mm attachment. I've always wanted to shoot square full time but without lugging a 6x6 med format or carrying a 35mm half frame, the GRDII answered my pleas!
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