Actual Firmware version 1.16

GX100 Firmware

Actual Firmware version 1.16

Postby odklizec » Sun Aug 12, 2007 3:59 pm

Here you can download the actual GRD FW version 1.16
WINDOWS: ... 00-116.EXE

MAC: ... 00-116.hqx

What's new?
1. Adjusted the exposure in bright-light shooting with a flash.
2. Modified the following display phenomena.
• If you playback a picture (3:2 or 1:1) enlarged, the location window in the right corner of the LCD may be out of alignment.
• If you assign FOCUS in the Fn button, and set to enable the STEP ZOOM, and if you switch a focus setting to the MF from the other focus settings with the Fn button, it may remain a number of zoom display on the zoom bar in the left of the LCD.

Here you can see how to check your current FW version and how to install new FW.. ... edure.html
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