noise, a privelege from Ricoh?

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Re: noise, a privelege from Ricoh?

Postby odklizec » Mon Oct 22, 2007 5:41 pm

I'm sorry lucridders, but I have to disagree with you regarding the noise. Both GRD and GX100 produces well usable images up to ISO400 and in many cases (and especially if you shot in RAW) even at ISO 800! There are many samples at this forum and around the Internet. You just have to understand that the small sensor cameras ARE noisy, no matter how good denoising algorithm they use. Fuji's super ccd used in "Fxx" range is the only sensor, which beats the other small sensor cameras. But on the other hand, the "F" range bodies and feature set is far below the GRD/GX100 or any other prosumer compact camera. Not to mention poor CA handling and very limited wide angle.

You keep telling that the amount of Ricoh noise is unacceptable. But what's worse? Too much noise (which you can easily improve using a 3rd party denoiser) or the lack of noise at a cost of details? Please, look at this comparison (100% crops)..
As for me, I would gladly live with that amount of noise produced by GX100 at ISO400. The waterpaint-like result from LX2 is really horrible. For me personally, the in-camera noise reduction is much worse enemy than noise.

Now please look at this gallery (and there are much more examples like this)..
Many pics in this gallery were taken with ISO800. Do you still think the high ISO images produced by Ricoh are unacceptable? Yes, they are noisy, but without the noise they would look only half as good as they look now! So if you are an artist, you can turn the noise in your favour ;)

In short, the noise problem is not about Ricoh, but about sensor makers and laws of physics. We will see what will bring us the new CMOS sensors for compact cameras, announced by Canon and Sony. But if they want to sell the cameras for masses, they will always have to make a price/reliability compromises. There is nothing me or you can do with that (except stop buying new cameras ;) ).
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Re: noise, a privelege from Ricoh?

Postby lucridders » Mon Oct 22, 2007 7:10 pm

read what I wrote: RICOH is not worser than the rest (even the opposite). But it does not mean that you have to agree as customer when they write "low noise". I complain this for every brand of camera. I should never buy a GX100 when it was not good at all. In one word, the digital camera stuff is nowadays as with new cars = nice packagings, but lots of time empty at the inside. (To give you an example, I was recently winning a dispute with some brand for cars and was showing them step by step what they told in advertising and what you have in real, result was that they returned me 6000 Euro back with the condition that I would not talk about it!!!) I agree also that it can be used up to 400, but above I should remove it when I was Ricoh :). You also talk about physics, it seems that most of the camera people do not know how physics are working. They do not realise that nowadays technology is available to do what they advertise. Now it seems the opposite with lots of brands = what they advertise is just what you will lots of time not find in the stuff you buy!!!
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Re: noise, a privelege from Ricoh?

Postby lucridders » Sun Nov 11, 2007 6:09 pm

I am happy that I was reading that the GRII would have less noise and as they compared, the 400Iso on the new GRII will have the same noise as 100 iso on the GR. Good news finally and I hope that they do the same with an upgrade for the GX100. People who are liking this kind of noise as the GX100 is producing are better in my opinion to take a brush and start painting their images instead of taking them with a camera :D . On my last travel to Egypt I had lots of pics that are good, but due to high noise levels in the sky they are not usable. I was looking again in my collection of pictures taken with film in the past, and I can not find pictures with that amount of noise in it. Lets hoep Ricoh will do something to make this better. I was doing a mail and sample pictures to them already.
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Re: noise, a privelege from Ricoh?

Postby nibsco » Fri Dec 07, 2007 6:41 pm

6- Wobbling lens. Do not tell me that this is normal. Yes it is normal when you make things in the cheapest way. Do not also tell me that this is not affecting the picture quality regarding sharpness!!!

Hi! New member here.

When you check the wobble you find that spring loading centres the lens. I imagine that a certain amount of play is designed-in for the sake of reliability. If the tolerances of such a mechanism (which I admit I have never seen) are too precise there is always a danger that dirt might eventually cause it to lock up. Does that make sense?

Very useful site by the way.

I've only had my GX100+DW6 a short while. Currently troubled by very low light levels here on the Isle of Skye!!
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