the hinge of the pop up flash

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the hinge of the pop up flash

Postby wxmaccount » Wed Dec 17, 2008 11:04 pm

Hey guys im new here ... just recently got my gx100 (4months old) .. loving it !!
just a couple of days ago, the flash pop up mechanism got stuck .. i suspect the hinge of one side is lose therefore i cant close the flash now !! :( menu keeps indicating i have flash on !!
any experiences?
any solutions like fixing it myself ? or should i send it back for repair ? will warranty cover this ?

another problem ... i currently live in Toronto, Canada ... dont think theres a local Ricoh dealer or repair centre ..
i got my gx100 in asia - Hong Kong ... does it mean that i have to send it back to that dealer or it can be cover by a North Amercian repair centre ?
anyone knows the closet Ricoh repair centre i can contact ?

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Re: the hinge of the pop up flash

Postby odklizec » Wed Dec 17, 2008 11:24 pm

Hi Walter and welcome on board!

I'm sorry to hear about your problem. I don't think you can repair it in home conditions so it's better to send it to Ricoh service center. I'm sure, it will be fixed under the warranty. As for warranty itself, it should be worldwide. As far as I know, Ricoh does not apply any regional warranty restrictions on their cameras. So don't worry about it. The closest Ricoh service center for you seems to be Cris Camera Service (Ricoh repair center for USA, Canada and South America). I would suggest you to contact them before sending the camera to them. Just visit this page... ... pport.aspx

Hope your camera will soon be fixed and back with you!
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Re: the hinge of the pop up flash

Postby wxmaccount » Thu Dec 18, 2008 9:51 pm

Thanks for the quick reply ! tat helps alot !!
i've just contacted CRIS Camera hope they can sort this out a.s.a.p

btw .. any sugguestion to how i should wrap or package my camera for delivery ?
i m just worried about it's journey down ARIZONA... the bumps, drops and... i cant imagine what worst can happen to the package !!
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