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Postby enricocaruso » Sun Aug 24, 2008 8:26 am

Can anyone please tell me what the small siding actuator inside the HA-2 is meant to do? I presume it is there to inform the camera if any accessory is fitted to the 43mm thread and if so why?

BTW This is my first post and as yet I have no clue as to what all these icons and smilies are for.
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Re: HA-2

Postby odklizec » Sun Aug 24, 2008 11:10 am

Hi enricocaruso and welcome here! I think these contacts just inform the camera that the adapter is attached. In the past days, when there was just DW-6 wide lens available, it may informed the camera that the wide lens is attached and maybe do some distortion correction in JPEG? But it's just my speculation ;) Actually, when there is also a tele adapter available, you need to select the attached lens via the camera menu.

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Re: HA-2

Postby enricocaruso » Sun Aug 24, 2008 3:27 pm

Thanks odklizec for your suggestion but I have a problem with that one because the small sliding 'bar' does not exert any inward pressure until something (like a fillter) is screwed into the top of the HA-2 and how can the inner workings of the camera discriminate between a DW6 and a UV filter for example, even an empty step down filter ring will activate the pressure. I remain puzzled as to its true function :?: All this stems from the fact that when I received my HA-2 bought through eBay recently, the thin outer plastic along the line taken by the actuating bar, had broken completely from front to back. My immediate reaction was return it and claim a refund but it also represented a challenge: Could I repair it - almost impossible given that it is made of plastic. Could I strengthen it by use of a very thin concentric outer aluminium 'splint'. Or could I clone the HA-2 entirely using duralumin, it would at least make it stronger. For the moment I have chosen the ali splint. But it started me off along the route of 'why does this do that' process.

Thanks for unravelling the mist around the smilies ;)

Now to a fresh problem which I noticed when I wanted to begin my reply to you - however I try to adjust the relative positions of your name and the start of my reply - I just cannot combine the two. Suggestions welcomed.
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