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Postby socket » Fri May 06, 2011 3:48 am

thelps wrote:Socket, these are quite different CPUs in the two computers you have here, the Shuttle has an Intel Atom CPU which is for low power systems and somewhat slower IMO. This is not quite comparing "Apples with Apples" as they say :D

Yes, well, I'm open to other suggestions. :D

Actually, I was initially considering a Dell Inspiron 580, which is here: ... dhs&~ck=mn

There is also the Dell Zino, which has the form factor of the Mini. Perhaps I should have pointed this out as 'the competition': ... dhs&~ck=mn

My impression of these small form competitors is that they are mainly home theatre machines, so may not be appropriate for general use.

For the same price as a Mini, I could probably customize a more powerful machine, but I'm really not sure I would use the extra power. My power requirements are modest. The 2004 Dell Dimension 4700 that I use now is sufficient for most applications, although processing raw files with Silkypix can be slow. I don't play computer games at all, nor am I likely to in the future.

I'm still fascinated with the Mini. Most of the software I use on my current PC is available for Mac, so that's not an issue. Even Silkypix is available, but I'm not sure if it is as good as other raw developers available for the Mac (or even as good as the PC version).
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