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B&W conversion (GR shots)

Postby newmikey » Sat Nov 02, 2013 12:20 pm

Always messed around with conversions in image editors never finding the "right touch" - I simply found the resulting images too flat, lifeless and not at all similar to the results I saw in my darkroom some 25-odd years ago.

Nowadays I've come to combine several exposures into an HDR file which is then tonemapped in LuminanceHDR to bring out the detail and surfacetextures.The ruslting 16-bit tonemap is then fed to Digikam for some initial levels and curves after which I put Digikam's B&W conversion tool to work.

Digikam's website says the following about the B&W conversion tool: The Film section provides a handful of filters that emulate different film types like Agfa Pan, Kodak Tmax, Kodak TriX, and Ilford SPX. These filters offer a quick and easy way to tweak the black and white photo. Which film filter works best depends on the currently edited photo, so you might want to try several filters to achieve the best result. Select the filter you like, and you can immediately see the result in the preview pane.

As the name suggests, the Lens Filters section contains several color filters, including orange, green, yellow, and red. While you can experiment by applying different filters to the photo, the easiest way to find out which filter is best suited for the specific photo is to use the context help. Press Shift+F1 and click on any filter to get a brief description of it. Once you’ve applied the desired filter, you can specify its intensity by using the Strength slider.

Besides the straight black and white conversion, digiKam lets you turn your photos into duotone images. And the Tone section offers several tone filters such as sepia, platinum, and green.

Finally, the Luminosity section lets you manually adjust the curve and the contrast. This feature can come in handy if you want to fix under- or overexposed areas and improve the overall contrast of the photo.

A couple of examples from my shots this past week:

Old city, Innsbruck by newmikey, on Flickr

Reflection, old city, Innsbruck by newmikey, on Flickr

Weiherburgsteg, Innsbruck by newmikey, on Flickr

View across the river Inn by newmikey, on Flickr

Oh, yes...I did mention that Digikam was true Open-Source software, right? Free in every meaning of the word like in "no money".

All images processed with open-source software - open-source is fresher, tastier and cheaper.
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