RicohForum is going to its end

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RicohForum is going to its end

Postby odklizec » Tue Apr 17, 2018 2:28 pm

Hi folks,

How are you? It's been a quite long time since I appeared here ;) A lot of things has changed in my personal life and I'm not much in a photography in these days. I feel a bit ashamed, but all my photography reduced to iPhone snaps and all my camera gear waits for its (next) time in two cardboard boxes :D

I'm happy to see that the forum is still alive and that you are still posting some very nice photos, despite the silence about new Ricoh camera products (not counting Pentax gear ;)). Unfortunately, recent developments forces me to finally close RicohForum. Just today, I received an invoice from RicohForum host (iPage), for whooping 473USD. I moved RicohForum (some 3 years ago) to current host, to lower the hosting cots. Now it appears they significantly increased their fees, and I'm afraid, I'm not willing to cover the hosting anymore. Additionally, actually installed PHPBB is long-time obsolete and I don't feel comfortable to make the necessary updates. And without regular updates, the forum is no longer secure. All in all, it appears that RicohForum is heading to its end. The hosting renewal is scheduled to 06/01/2018. RicohForum should work just fine to this day, then, I'm afraid, it will most probably disappear from this universe.

I would like to thank everyone who contributed to RicohForum over the years (nearly 11 years) and helped with shaping such nice community of photographers and Ricoh enthusiasts.

Thank you all!
Pavel Kudrys
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