White screen on a GRD

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White screen on a GRD

Postby lajire » Tue Oct 08, 2013 9:37 pm

Hello eveybody,

(and first of all, i apologize i'm not very clear in what i write. English is not my native language (i'm french), so it is sometimes difficult for me, but i will try to be understandable !)

I am since this week part of the ricoh family : a GRD I and a R2.


but i have not been very lucky : the two are faulty !

The seller of the GRD wrote " the screen doesn't display the real colours". As the price was really low, i decided to try anyway, even with strange colours !

but when the camera arrived... :( :( the screen is white and that's all ! (or turn off if i press twice "disp", then white again with a new press...).
Every other try of manipulation is useless : the screen stays white.

So the camera is almost useless. I can take photos, but without screen and without menus, it would be rather difficult !

does this fault is known and do you know a way to solve it ? il know that it would probably need to go back to ricoh, but i still hope !!!

thank you very much for your help !!!


ps : i think the seller was honnest, she refund me very quickly and left me the camera to try to solve the problem. It certainly happened during the transport

and for the R2 fault, i will write a message tomorrow in the right discussion...
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Re: White screen on a GRD

Postby odklizec » Wed Oct 09, 2013 9:50 am

Hi lajire and welcome here! GRDI screen was famous for somewhat unrealistic colours shown under certain viewing angles. The LCD dramatically improved in GRDII. As for the "white" screen, there must something broken inside that GRD. It's either the data cable connected to the LCD or the LCD alone is KO. Anyway, good to hear you sorted it out with the original owner. Good luck with next purchase! ;)
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