Trade Ricoh XR-2 & 2 other Ricohs for Ricoh Rangefinder

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Trade Ricoh XR-2 & 2 other Ricohs for Ricoh Rangefinder

Postby millsge » Mon Nov 07, 2011 5:40 pm

I just ontained a Ricoh Singlex TLS, so I'm not interested in trading these cameras for a Singlex, but I am very much interested in exchanging them for a fully manual Ricoh Rangefinder.

I recently obtained 3 Ricohs from a man who knows nothing about film photography who was selling his father's possessions. One is an XR-2 with a 50mm XR Rikenon 1:1.4 lens. It is in great shape and all of its functions seem to work. In addition, I have an XR-X3000 and an XR-M. I know very little about these 2 cameras. They seem functional to a degree, but I believe both have problems. Finally, the lot included a Sakar, MC, Autozoom, 1:4.0-5.6, and f=70-210mm lens.

I would like to trade all of these them for a fully manual Rangefinder. I will consider any manufacturer, but please do not offer me any "point and shoot" film cameras. Any takers? I will consider paying a cash amount as a part of the deal.

We all have cameras that are outside our main interests in our collections. My main interest is in early, fully manual SLR's and some fully manual rangefinders. That is why I am offering all 3 cameras. I really wanted to keep the XR-2, but I have to be disciplined and focus on the cameras I need to build a the collection I want.

Thanks for looking,
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